The IT Secure Difference

We believe that you should feel good about interacting with us instead of being happy to get us out of your hair.

Genius! Most of all, responsive, courteous and respectful.

Tech experts with personality

Joerg Laves, founder and former owner of IT Secure Services spent over 20 years in the tech support industry, which made him realize that there was an opportunity to create a business of tech personnel that was both competent and personable at the same time. 


It’s a human need to be informed. Think of something as simple as an elevator. If you step inside and press the button to go up but nothing happens, you get worried. If it’s human nature to want to know where you’re going in something as simple as an elevator, how much more important is it to keep you informed along every step of the way with your technology? 

Personal support

Our technicians talk TO and not down to the client, and because of how we treat our clients, they’re not afraid to call us with questions so that we can guide them through it. 

Security experts

We’re a Top 500 IT Services Company in the world thanks to our adherence to best practices and processes. In short, you get peace of mind. 

Business proficiency

Sure, most IT professionals understand technology, but we also know business. We can translate business challenges into technology-based solutions specific to your needs and goals. 

You deserve a partner that demystifies tech.